Coffee has a special place in Turkish culture. The word “breakfast” means something ate before coffee. Turkish coffee is such a tradition that; He even has a particular time for me to drink. It is usually drunk between morning and afternoon meals. Even the word breakfast is derived from this time. There are different types of coffee, such as in fire, embers, and sand, depending on the type of source fire used in this cooking method, after adding 2 teaspoons of ground coffee per cup and sugar, if desired, and then slowly mixing with a cup of cold water. The balanced distribution of coffee aroma and the absence of sediment at the bottom and the amount of foam on the top determine the quality of the cooked coffee. In other words, the cooking technique is as important as the grinding of the coffee bean from the coffee bean used. Copper coffee pots are the most acceptable for coffee pot use. Turkish coffee also has the distinction of being the only coffee served with ground coffee. Turkish coffee balances the cholesterol level in the blood. It increases the effect of the painkillers used by half and helps the pain to pass more quickly. It helps prevent many heart diseases; It is also very effective on the digestive system. It is especially useful for the correction of bowel movements. Thanks to its antioxidant content, it provides great benefits in the prevention of serious diseases such as cancer. It also has an effect that increases attention and opens the mind. It is also known to be good for headaches and bone pains.

Growed In The Desert Miracle: The Date

Date, which is often associated with Ramadan, has a very high nutritional value. This delicious food contains folic acid and proteins. Also very rich in fructose and therefore frequently used in diets, benefits of date are not limited with these. Here are the benefits of date proving that we should eat dates not only in Ramadan but also every season!


Date helps keep the human body fit and healthy. It improves memory, prevents to cancer. Also it has pain-relieving properties. Date contains high fiber which keeps the belly full longer than the other foods. It is good for bone health. Thanks to its rich calcium content, date is very beneficial for bone health, helps digestion and protects heart health. Thanks to its rich potassium content, date balances blood pressure and regulates cardiac rhythm and prevents anemia. Date has a high iron content and supports the immune system. It eliminates harmful bacteria and germs from the body.

Consuming The Date

One dried date has an average of 28 kcal. You can eat 12-15 dates per day if you don’t have hypoglycemia. However, It is very rich in fructose, therefore it should be consumed in a controlled manner.


Dry beans, which are very rich in protein and inorganic salts, prevent heart attack and help strengthen the bone structure. Dry beans, which are among the most preferred foods due to their satiety, giving plenty of energy and of course being economical, are also a complete protein store. It is a good alternative food for those who cannot consume red meat and vegetarians.


– Strengthens the bone structure.
– It is a medicine for many ailments, from liver failure, kidney stones, heart palpitations and urinary retention.
-It lowers bad cholesterol due to the fiber it contains. These fibers are located in the large intestine and benefit the absorption of important minerals, calcium in the first place. Eating 1 cup of dried beans a day reduces the cholesterol level by 10 percent at the end of 6 weeks.
– It works the intestines.
– Relieves constipation and bloating. Beans provide the release of leptin hormone. The secretion of this hormone also provides a feeling of satiety and significantly suppresses the appetite.
-Prevents heart attack.
– Protects against heart and vascular congestion. For this reason, heart patients can consume.
– In addition to meeting the body’s energy needs, it also relieves mental and physical fatigue.
– It strengthens the bone structure and supports the development of the body. It is beneficial for children of developmental age.

Karaca Mesopotamıa Copper Pan

Karaca Mesopotamia is a handcrafted special series. It gives a different flavor to any dish made in it. Therefore, it is a highly preferred product. Due to the nature of the copper material, it can darken over time as a result of contact with air. Copper is a very good conductor of heat. The thermal conductivity of copper is 25 times more than steel and 2 times more than aluminum. Color changes may occur after washing. Thanks to its conductivity, the degree of cooking is equalized. That’s why food is delicious. East Food Market almost finds and brings flavor for you.

Do copper products darken?

Yes, it is normal for uncoated copper to darken. Coppers coated with nickel on the outside do not tarnish.
How long should copper products be tinned?
Depending on the frequency of use, the need for tin arises. On average, tin is required once a year. Coppers that come into contact with water, such as copper teapots, mugs, and pitchers, do not require tin.

How should the home care of copper products be?

Yes, it is normal for uncoated copper to darken. Coppers coated with nickel on the outside do not tarnish.
How long should copper products be tinned?
Depending on the frequency of use, the need for tin arises. On average, tin is required once a year. Coppers that come into contact with water, such as copper teapots, mugs, and pitchers, do not require tin.

Everything You Need To Know About Black Mulberry Molasses

There are many things that we can count among the benefits of mulberry molasses, which is known as a panacea. Experts said in their statements that mulberry molasses should be consumed at every opportunity. Mulberry molasses is good for anemia. It is very rich in iron. It is rich in antioxidants that protect against cancer. It strengthens the bones and provides protection against osteoporosis. It has protective properties against stomach diseases. Contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Prevents blood clotting. Balances cholesterol. It strengthens the nervous system. Cleanses the liver. Strengthens the kidneys. Reduces risk of heart attack and stroke. That’s why it’s so important to consume.


Mulberry molasses is difficult to consume alone because it has a dense consistency. For this reason, you can also consume it by mixing tahini.  People with anemia or low blood sugar can consume 2 tablespoons in the morning on an empty stomach. It can also be consumed by adding it to beverages such as tea and milk. You can add this molasses to some desserts instead of sugar. East Food Market carefully supplies you with the most natural molasses from Turkey.

Doğal Ovacik / Natural Ovacik

Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts eliminates many mineral and vitamin deficiencies in the body. It is beneficial for anyone who suffers from fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Prevents you from having digestive and skin problems. Nutritionists recommend consuming nuts instead of snacks. It is an ideal and light food. Protects your body against cancer. Increases blood flow and lowers cholesterol. While doing all this, it also helps you lose weight. East Food Market offers all these healthy foods to you in the freshest form. It chooses the best quality from many brands in Turkey for its customers. Hygienically packaged nuts do not lose their freshness thanks to their packaging. Their packaging protects the products from external factors such as moisture, sunlight and odor. In addition, because their packaging is of high quality, nuts do not lose their nutritional value. East Food Market always does the best for you.